Vesicular Stomatitis found in Colorado
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Vesicular Stomatitis found in Colorado

Disease Update:

Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) had been confirmed in Colorado. This is a virus spread by contact and biting insects and it is a reportable disease.

VS predominately affects horses and cattle but can infect swine, sheep, llamas, alpaca and goats. Often times, the first sign is excessive salivation. Lesions begin as blister-like areas around the mouth, feet, nose, prepuce, vulva and/or teats. Blisters swell and break leaving a raw, painful lesion.

There are currently quarantines in Weld and Larimer County. Prevention is best served by practicing good biosecurity and reducing the fly population. If you have any concerns with an animal, separate them and give us a call right away. Do not touch suspected lesions as humans can rarely become infected.

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