Preventative Care: Small Animal Care Services
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Preventative Care: Small Animal Care Services

Our goal is to keep your animals happy and healthy throughout all stages of their lives.
We offer the following small animal veterinary services - and more - to fit your animal's specific needs.


  • We strive to provide high quality preventative medical care for your animals. 
    • Annual physical exams for your pets and every six months for senior pets to understand the entirety of your pet’s health
    • Detect early signs of illness 
    • Proactive measures can be taken or medical treatment can be provided before becoming a serious illness
  • Additionally, we offer Wellness Plans for all life stages to provide all encompassing health care for your dogs and cats


  •  Vaccines are a crucial part of an animal's health care plan, especially for puppies and kittens who do not yet have their own bolstered immune systems. Vaccines work by helping your pet build antibodies against harmful diseases.  Our team acknowledges that each animal requires a different set of vaccines depending on their age and lifestyle.
  • Vaccines are separated into two different categories, core and non-core
    • Core vaccines are those recommended by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) for every animal 
    • Non-core vaccines are based on your pet’s personal lifestyle and history, such as travel, boarding, dog parks and hiking
    • We realize that each pet has different needs. We are happy to discuss with you which vaccines are best for your pet and make a custom vaccine plan

Blood Work:

  • Blood work is another important component in understanding your pet’s health status to providing preventive and high quality medicine
    • Assess organ function 
    • Shows markers for early signs of cancer and other illnesses
    • We recommend blood work screenings annually for your pet and every six months for geriatric animals
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